Penelope Lenaerts

Penelope’s work is like watching a snapshot of a conversation between objects that have unexpected relationships. She works between sculpture and photography and this dialog between something physical and its image holds a beautiful tension. I appreciate that she works beyond the mold of what I see produced today,in a seemingly effortless display of color and craft. A fresh and fun break into the brain, a sight for sore eyes. — Trisha Rhomberg

Penelope Lenaerts is currently earning her MFA in Visual Arts at California State University, Fullerton after earning a BA in Visual Arts from California State University, Sacramento. Her soft and playful work is inspired by forms in nature and the human body. With her work, she aims to create a dreamy liminal space in which the lines between flora and fauna blur. She has participated in exhibitions with different spaces in California, such as WAL Public Market Gallery and 1810 Gallery.