“What’s wrong with white kids today? Well, they don’t have any cool black kids to copy.” — Harley White Jr.


“I don’t think the city is responsible for making it all happen. I think it’s going to take all of us in different capacities to then say we believe in this collective vision and we’re going to all work towards pushing that forward. We all want to see these things in our community, and so in whatever capacity we can, we’re going to work towards making those things happen.” — Estella Sanchez

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“The City doesn’t really understand this world, and we don’t truly understand that world. Money should be set aside for full-time positions with security and health benefits and all that shit for somebody to put their art down and say I’ll do this job. I want to make this happen for the community. They need to dedicate money for these jobs. I don’t know how else to describe this role other than art translator. These are jobs for people to work and collaborate with developers, artists, and entrepreneurs to take physical spaces and turn them into working places that create opportunities and employment.” — Trisha Rhomberg

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