These biographies include perspectives on building and supporting the creative community, education and workforce development, the Creative Edge Plan, and entrepreneurship in the arts. We are currently working on a printed anthology edition of the publication.

The 3.3 million visitors each year in the downtown area is an excellent opportunity to gain interest and exposure for the art community. Our distribution partnership with the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel places articulator in 250 rooms to target the visitor and convention market. 
The publication has the following distribution networks:
* The Crocker Museum Gift Shop 
* Sol Collective
* The Kimpton Sawyer Hotel : The coffee table edition of the articulator is featured as an in-room amenity. Copies will also be available for purchase in the gift shop. 
* Retail outlets: 10 – 15 small business
Our initial printing of 1,000 copies of articulator’s anthology edition with interviews of six artist/community leaders is scheduled to be released in May 2021. This edition will feature interviews with:

In addition to these interviews, we will showcase a portfolio of significant artists from each community, curated by the artist/community leaders interviewed in this edition. This edition features art by Aida Lizalde, Xico Gonzalez, Shona McDaniels, Manuel Rios, Penelope Lenaerts, and more.


Support local businesses by pre-purchasing 20 copies of the articulator for your favorite shop. These copies are then free of cost to the business and can be sold or used as a promotional tool (free of purchase of $xx or more) to increase traffic to the store.


Advertise your business to reach the out of market visitors, with discretionary spending ability, through this in-room publication focused on the local arts community to create awareness of your business.
Support the local art community by sponsoring an ad for your favorite Gallery. This is a great giving opportunity to introduce visitors to our creative community.  With this sponsorship, you will also receive recognition on the supporter page of the book and our website.
* The publication measures 7” x 10” and only full-page ads are available.


In addition to the benefits of the Aesthete Level, your company is recognized as a sponsor for two of our artist’s talks at the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel. Our first talk with Gioia Fonda on March 3, sold out with over 100 attendees, and two artist talks are planned for the Sawyer Hotel in 2021. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure to visitors and locals alike through our partnership with the Kimpton Sawyer. You’ll be recognized on pre-event press releases, invitations, on the event page of our website, and on video displays at the event.

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